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Marine and Chloé are two students of a communication school in Bordeaux (France). Currently in an internship with the team Le Nouveau Studio, they had the chance to work on the EYR project in the form of a workshop. Here is one of their experiences…

Why working like this is useful & efficient

We worked on the IO1 guide of EYR 3 days in a row, as a workshop. This way of working has been really efficient because we worked specifically on it so it was easy to focus. It has also created a great dynamic that pushes us to be efficient. It was so efficient that we decided to keep using this method on other projects.

We are really learning a lot on how to work in a collaborative way. Working us three with Sonia Moumen or listening to the meetings, taught both partners on how European projects are made, and how to work together with our own culture specificities is making the project even more interesting.

Initiative discovery and geographical disparities

We were very surprised to see how many young european and responsible projects exist and how many initiatives are launched in Europe for different tourism. It was really interesting to discover different ways of travel and accommodation. Participating in this kind of project makes our vision of European travel different and from now on we know that other possibilities are open to us.

Working on the EYR project made us realise how much our generation wants to act for a better future, including in tourism. It made us realise that event if can be hard because we are young and don’t have a big network yet, it’s not impossible if we work together : that’s why we think linking young people from all over Europe will be really helpful because they will be able to share what they are doing or have been going through. This will surely help others at the same steps.

However, the research done during the workshop taught us that travelling responsibly in Europe is not that easy everywhere. Disparities on the European territory exist in the tourism sector, so we think it’s really a good thing to highlight as many countries as possible in this guide and in this EYR project.

Marine De Briey & Chloé Delaloy
Le Nouveau Studio // EYR