On the 16th of January the European Youth Roots partnership met online to overview the Erasmus+ project. Due to the pandemic, the kick-off meeting had to be organized via internet. The background has not really changed but new faces appeared and the creativity always animates us.

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The Partners will create:

  • 1 promotional campaign (led by Le LABA & Le Nouveau Studio) aimed at raising awareness among young entrepreneurs and support organisations active in the Creative Industries sector and project leaders working with young participants.
  • 3 practical and hands-on manual (led by Momentum Marketing Services Ltd, FilmWork Trust & Materahub) for young entrepreneurs in the tourism sector, describing step-by-step how to implement & promote participatory and sustainable tourism activities with the creation of local communities.
  • 1 training toolbox (led by VisMedNet) to implement comprehensive training for SMEs/VSEs/Micro-enterprises on inclusive, participatory and sustainable tourism
  • 1 online platform (led by European E-Learning Institute) to serve as an Open Education Resource (OER) where young entrepreneurs and other interested parties can download the developed materials and copy, use, adapt and share them again legally and freely

The partners will organize 2 training activities for youth and youth workers to :

  • Enable exchanges of experience between young entrepreneurs and more experienced entrepreneurs,
  • Facilitate access to new markets and the identification of potential commercial partners,
  • Encourage networking of business relationships across Europe,
  • Enable experienced entrepreneurs to develop new business relationships and to discover and seize opportunities in other countries of the European Union in inclusive, participatory and sustainable tourism sector.