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It’s our tourism world, let’s act together!

Training Week March 2022 over 5 Days

Location Galway, Ireland

Topics Accessible, Inclusive, Sustainable Tourism

Projects European Youth Roots and European Yeti

As part of our project Training Week, we introduced the projects to its key target audiences’ young people and educators. We were successful in raising awareness and building on our hard work by encouraging initiative and usage, getting minds to creatively and innovative exchange ideas and knowledge. Young people learned from experts in the field as did experts learn from the young people, both perspectives appreciated and understood. Most of us came together for the first time to collaborate and rethink our tourism industry and the world it operates in together.

We used the projects tools as a European Education Resource and to activate change, inspire young people and demonstrate how they can change and contribute to a more accessible, inclusive sustainable and equitable world. In preparation and during the Week solutions were shared, discussions and brainstorming activities allowed us the space to rethink together how tourism businesses can be more responsible, inclusive and change their approaches to being sustainable. We became friends, shared stories, learned from each other and formed solid relationships which we commit to carry out and implement in our tourism careers. The coming of youth from different countries proved seamless and natural, they worked well together, inspired each other, shared common goals, explained cultural differences, and enjoyed immersing themselves in the world of Erasmus projects, many for the first time found new ways to educate and socialise in a sphere of change.

The Training Week relates towards the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) which aim to eliminate extreme poverty, reduce inequalities, and combat the threat of climate change by 2030.

Our Training Week Snapshots and Key Takeaways

11 Partners and 22 Young People Attended Across Europe

  • Le LABA, France
  • Le Nouveau Studio, France
  • VisMedNet, Malta
  • Materahub, Italy
  • Momentum, Ireland
  • European E-learning Institute, Denmark
  • FilmWorks Trust, UK
  • Défismed, France
  • Nordic Forum Diaspora, Sweden
  • IDEI, Romania
  • BIA Innovator, Ireland

Attendees include Youths, youth workers and youth organizations that work with young people who want to start a business in inclusive, participatory, and sustainable tourism

Activities occurred across 3 key and iconic venues in Galway and included workshops, competitions, interviews, pilot testing, evaluations, feedback forums, activation of the project results and online forum, discussions, brain storming and more.

The Key Takeaways Were

Finding Inspiration and feeling excited to join the training week. Most were not sure where to start from when considering these topics. They learned from each other, existing businesess and from the resources

Gained new perspectives. Fell in love with Ireland and how it approaches these topics in a tourism SME business capacity. Got to know Galway as a culinary and tourism destination. Explored different experiences in the field and even got to learn how to Irish Dance to Riverdance…!!

Joined and Partnered with New Local Initiatives. They learned about new and local initiatives across Europe, learning best practice, practical advice and tools, choose who they wanted to work with after the trianing event and even used the EYR Online Community Forum as a go to place for exchange of ideas, collaboration and pooling of resources and sharing of knowledge.

Planned a New Initiaive. Attendees got to plan and develop a new intiiative together that would look like and incorporate the project themes. They interacted with the resources and other projects focus areas as key development strategies and tools. They got excited and could see the real benefit and values achieved from such resources.