Article by Le LABA
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On the 31st January 2020 in Paris (France), Le LABA – coordinator – has presented the European Youth Roots project aims to the applicant organisations awarded by the Erasmus+ French Youth National Agency program.

What are our goals?

Raise awareness on the theme of sustainable and inclusive tourism, understand the business opportunities it offers and how to take advantage of them individually or as a group of young entrepreneurs. In this way, the EYR project promotes the involvement of young people in innovative projects in the field of participatory and sustainable tourism.

Developing a coherent strategy to improve and diversify the promotion of sustainable and inclusive tourism services

Recognise, develop and fully exploit the potential of cultural and natural heritage (develop high value/low volume (specialised) rather than high volume/low value (mass) tourism).

Produce the results of new innovative approaches to better support competitiveness and employment, in particular at regional and local level, and promote the integration of young NEETs.

For which impact?

The tourism sector has great potential for the development of entrepreneurial activity, as the vast majority of tourism enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The expected impact is to enable the target group of young people to develop entrepreneurial initiatives and skills in the participatory, inclusive and sustainable tourism sector. They will be able to use the skills and competences acquired to improve the competitiveness and quality of their offers. The project will also have a sustainable impact on communities, the tourism sector, supporting youth entrepreneurship from local to European.