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Article by Yuhan Zhang, Assistant of Communication and Marketing at Le LABA

Tourism remains a very popular topic in the twenty-first century, despite the changing global context, global warming, over-consumption… European Youth Roots, a more sustainable, participatory tourism initiative, has been created to tackle issues of sustainability in this sector,

Here is our new guide- EXAMPLES OF GOOD PRACTICE IN SUSTAINABLE, RESPONSIBLE, AND INCLUSIVE TOURISM- to provide more inspiration for all young people in this innovative sector.

Why are we putting together this Guide?

Eco-tourism is growing in popularity.

However, when compared to traditional mass tourism, alternative tourism is simply breeding, leaving young people with fewer research resources.

To assist future eco-tourism directors, we gathered information about various alternative tourism projects in Europe and created this guide, convinced that it will inspire them or help them integrate into this sector.

What is the scope of this guide?

Each chapter contains definitions, framing elements, and examples drawn from a benchmark conducted in several European countries, including France, Italy, Malta, Ireland, and Denmark.

Ecotourism, local tourism, agri-tourism, inclusive and participatory tourism, cultural and creative tourism…… There are several types of sustainable and participatory tourism projects available for consultation.

EXAMPLES OF GOOD PRACTICE IN SUSTAINABLE, RESPONSIBLE, AND INCLUSIVE TOURISM is part of the project European Youth Roots’ Intellectual Output 1; the digital version will be available soon on the site.