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The campaign, launched in November 2021, aims to relay testimonies of young entrepreneurs who are carrying out inspiring projects in sustainable tourism, and to share a guide to good practice.

It is aimed at young entrepreneurs and project leaders involved in the creation of projects in the field of alternative tourism: sustainable, responsible, inclusive, participatory, ecological, fair, ethical, solidarity-based, cultural or even slow…

Background and objective

The European Youth Roots project, funded by the Erasmus+ Youth programme for two years, aims to raise awareness and support youth employment in the participatory, inclusive and sustainable tourism sector. One of the pillars of this project is an awareness-raising campaign highlighting inspiring examples of projects run by young entrepreneurs.

The power of the example no longer needs to be demonstrated. Thanks to very concrete testimonies and the online publication of a guide illustrating numerous existing initiatives, young people can identify with the project leaders and imagine taking action: setting up their own business on the themes of innovative tourism, respectful of the environment and human beings, becomes within reach.


The Guide, produced by partner Le Nouveau Studio in France, provides a framework for understanding new forms of tourism and gives tools and examples of good practice to help develop a project. Each chapter deals with definitions, framing elements and examples drawn from a benchmark carried out in several European countries: France, Italy, Malta, Ireland and Denmark. These projects are mainly run by young people. They are either recent, in the process of being created or more substantial, and are developing in a wide variety of fields.


Several interviews have been conducted to illustrate the examples in the guide and to highlight the experiments underway. They will be published throughout November on the project website and on all social networks.

Do not hesitate to relay them!

Video 1: Released on 8 November 2021

  • “Partage Ton Coin” – Platform for rural tourism / France

Interview of Elaia Mugica ‘ 7’09

Partage ton coin is a digital platform being created to connect tourists and locals in rural areas throughout France. It aims to promote visits between individuals in an authentic and unusual way, differing from formal guided tours. The project is led by two young engineers.

Video 2: released on 15 November 2021

  • “Bike-packer – Discovering Belgium by bike / BELGIUM

Interview of Olivia de Briey – 5’55

Bike-packer is an association promoting bicycle travel. To do so, it rents out bicycles and cycling equipment, organises themed weekends, training courses and events on cycle travel. Bike-packer prepares and tests routes through Belgium in order to highlight the natural and cultural territory of the region, but also the local tourist actors (breweries, cultural places, etc.). 

Video 3: released on 22 November 2021

  • “Micro Palaces” – Unique mini-homes to reconnect with the environment / FRANCE

Interview with Melina Nieto Moumen – 5’51

Micro-palaces are small ecological habitats located in rural areas of Haute-Savoie (France). Each one is different, fits into the natural landscape and is built in an eco-responsible way. They complement two other tourist activities in the village: the Secret Gardens, tourist gardens and a permaculture farm, which will be visited by seasonal tenants. Scheduled to open in 2022/23.