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Sustainability and networking are the two keywords of IO4 of the project European Youth Roots about how to build sustainable tourism networks.

But have you ever really stepped into an existing one thanks to conferences or other types of events?

Here we list 5 examples of European networks committed to making tourism more sustainable, both with bottom-up processes and top-down policy making, each one with its specific objectives and challenges to tackle.

We really recommend keeping updated through their channels!



DESCRIPTION: Tourism2030 is an independent portal which brings together the global community of people and organisations working for making tourism more sustainable.



DESCRIPTION: ENAT is a non-profit association for organisations that aim to be ‘frontrunners’ in the study, promotion and practice of accessible tourism.

European Network for Sustainable Travel


DESCRIPTION: European network of Tour Operators engaged with the promotion of Sustainable and social Tourism, especially connected to the year 2021, in order to promote soft mobility as a whole, especially railway.



DESCRIPTION: NECSTouR provides an interregional cooperation strategy focused on the five key strategic approaches, known as the “Five S of sustainable tourism of Tomorrow”: Smart destinations, Sociocultural balance, Skills and talent, Safety and resilience, Statistics and measurability.



DESCRIPTION: In its working group of cultural heritage and tourism, ERRIN focuses on investigating R&I-related measures to mitigate the environmental and social impact of touristic flows and encourage the transition towards sustainable tourism and cultural policies and practices; it supports ERRIN members in the uptake of digitalisation and the development of skills and competences in the Cultural Heritage and Tourism sectors. Finally, the Working Group aims at providing early information to members on cultural heritage and tourism policy, future strands, financial tools, inter-regional joint activities, EU calls.

These networks are 5 of many others that we will share with you in the next articles. Do you have other networks that you wish to spread? Feel free to suggest them in the comments below!